Party Smasher 312

Half-stack size. Full-stack sound.

Party Smasher 312

510 Watt Party Smasher Inc Guitar Cab with three 12" speakers and a single 15" speaker.

Starting at $899.00

A Guitar cabinet loaded with three 12" speakers and a single 15" speaker. Our cabinet uses 12" Eminence Legend V12's which are direct competition for vintage 30's, smoothing out the typical brittle highs of V30's and with tight lows. The 15" is an Eminence Big Ben speaker. The oversized, deeper box adds to the low end without any flop, and projects great bass tones with heavy or clean settings, adding Low end without the need to tune down.
312 blueprint 300x318

Three 12" Speakers,
One 15" Speaker

The 312 has a three 12" Eminence Legend V12s and one 15" Eminence Legend 1518. The 15" speaker adds another dimension of depth to guitar sounds, by adding lower frequencies typically lost with other speaker cabinets.


  • 510 Watts
  • Three 12" Eminence Legend V12
    One 15" Eminence Legend 1518
  • Closed Back Design
  • 8 Ohms
  • 1 Input, 1 Output for chaining


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