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Ben Weinman Paul & Vaos Cabinet

Ben Weinman from The Dillinger Escape Plan

"The COFFIN was exactly what I needed to bring a monstrous roar to my sound. As a heavy band who plays in mostly standard tuning, this cabinet adds a tight low incomparable to other cabinets I have used. Not to mention, the Paul And Vaos stuff looks classy as hell."

The 68 Logo
Josh Scogin Paul & Vaos

Josh Scogin from The 68

Josh Scogin is fully equipped with a Roswell 100 Bass, 2 x Roswell 100's, 4 x 312 cabinets, and B610 bass cabinet.

The Listener Logo

Dan Smith and Cristin Nelson from The Listener

Dan Smith uses a white Roswell 100 Bass amp and an oversized 4x10 cabinet. Cristin Nelson uses a custom 18 watt vertical 2x12 combo.

Fero Lux Logo

David Paul and Ben Perman from Fero Lux

Ben uses a 1200 watt Party Smasher 610 manufactured by Paul and Vaos. David uses a Roswell 100 with EL34s and a custom, sage 312 with red piping.


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