Bass of Doom Hammer


1200 Watts of Bowel-punishing Bass with 6 Eminence Speakers

Starting at $749.00

A 6x10" eminence legend loaded cabinet with 1200w handling with either a super durable line-x covering or tooled leather(faux) tolex covering. built with 3/4" birch plywood. 4 or 8 ohm cabinet.
B610 Back


  • 1200 Watts
  • Six 12" Eminence Legend BP102
  • Six chambers and portholes for each speaker
  • Closed Back Design
  • 8 Ohms
  • 1 Input, 1 Output for chaining

Dillinger Escape Plan Logo
Ben Weinman Paul & Vaos Cabinet

Used by Ben Weinman from The Dillinger Escape Plan

"The COFFIN was exactly what I needed to bring a monstrous roar to my sound. As a heavy band who plays in mostly standard tuning, this cabinet adds a tight low incomparable to other cabinets I have used. Not to mention, the Paul And Vaos stuff looks classy as hell."


Hand-made in the USA

Hand-made in the USA

Amps are hand-wired and soldered to make the strongest connection. Amp and cabinet enclosures are all built by hand. We use as little foreign parts as possible because we believe in the American workforce.

Completely Customizable

Customize nearly everything, from covering to wheels, from speakers to grill cloth

Customizable Design
Material Covering
Customizable Grill Cloth
Grill Cloth
Customizable Design


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